7 Simple Ways to Connect with Potential Clients via Twitter

While Twitter can be used as a great social network for connecting with friends and family and even making great new personal contacts, it can also be used as a method for promoting your business and gaining new clientele if you own a website online.

The popularity of Twitter makes it a valuable resource every service provider should add to their marketing arsenal. The sheer number of people who access Twitter on a daily basis is staggering. Because there are so many people on Twitter, the odds are that at least some percentage of them will need your services at some point, or might know someone who does.

The secret to marketing online successfully is to find a hungry crowd. Here are 7 simple ways that you can connect with potential clients via Twitter.

1-Social search.
One way to gain new clients through the use of Twitter is when someone searches for a specific service. They used to do this through the search engines, but it is becoming increasingly common to do so via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. . If someone comes to Twitter and does a search for a ghostwriter, for instance, the chances of their search term containing those words is very high, and they will be looking for both service providers and recommendations for good ghostwriter.

Therefore, if you are a writer looking for work, fill out your profile page fully, using your 160 character biography to the full as you tell people what you do and use keywords that you are sure your target market will use in searching for products and services to purchase.

You might even consider making your username keyworded, though do not be too commercial or people will not pay attention to your messages and might even block you because they think you are nothing but a spammer.

2-Aim to work with the leaders in your niche.

This can be a great way to start building your reputation and online clientele if you are first starting out as a service provider such as a ghostwriter or copywriter. Search for the keywords related to your service or industry and see what suggestions Twitter gives you as to whom you should follow. Click the follow button and observe what each of these people does on Twitter, how many followers they have, and so on.

By following and interacting with these individuals you are getting to know the market on Twitter, and in turn, they have the chance to know you. If they are then looking for a helper for a quick project or two, you already have a chance of the contract.

3-Go where the crowd already is.
The people who are following the industry thought leaders in your niche are showing they are already interested in your subject. But even the top experts might not have the same expertise as your or be able to cover the same topics. Be helpful and informative when you participate on Twitter, and see how soon you start to develop

4-Work business to business.
As more business owners come online to market their own goods and services, they might also be looking for your expertise to help them with running different aspects of their business smoothly. It is not unusual to see an Internet marketer on Twitter who has spent all afternoon working on their website and asking for advice or instructions on what they need to do to fix various issues at their site.

Outsourcing is one of the keys to making any business profitable, allowing the business owner to focus on what they do well by handing over tasks that they don’t do well to other people. If you are in the right place at the right time, you could start to provide assistance to other business owners, and perhaps even start to look for outsourced workers yourself so you can focus on the parts of the business that you do best.

5-People curious about your profile.
When people start using Twitter they are looking for like-minded individuals to follow and connect with. When they come across your profile, usually by typing in a keyword, and see that you provide a certain service, and the kinds of things that you are interested in, there might be an instant connection. People do business with people they like. If you are personable and helpful online in your profile and all your tweets, people will find you.

6-Word of Mouth
The most common way to gain new clients via Twitter is through word of mouth. If your past or current clients are members of the Twitter community, chances are at some point or another they will talk about you and/or your business. As with any other type of service, not everyone will have a uniform opinion of you or your work, so it is possible to get bad word of mouth as well as good. However, at least by being on Twitter, you can interact as part of the conversation, instead of being outside of it. Provide your current clients with wonderful service and they will pass the word on about your business every chance they get.

If your followers like what you are tweeting, they might re-tweet your information to their followers. This is even more powerful than word of mouth, because their followers can also easily re-tweet, and their re-tweet and so on. Think of gears within gears and all the connections you have the potential to make through the power of Twitter

8-Going viral.
If one of your tweets gets re-tweeted by a number of people and starts to spread around Twitter, this is commonly referred to as going viral. There are ways that you can make a particular marketing campaign or initiative stand out so that people will be eager to spread the word to those interested in your niche. There is no faster way to promote your site than to produce something with the potential to go viral on Twitter.

If you are looking for a fast way to build your list, boost leads and make your target audience really sit up and take notice of all you have to offer, you will find that Twitter can help you accomplish all these goals quickly and easily

Best of all, it will only take a few minutes a day to start marketing your site on Twitter on a regular basis, in order to give your ideal customer in your niche something exciting to talk about. If you are not already on Twitter, it is time to use the power of this social network to show people interested in your niche that you are a ‘mover and shaker’ and watch the traffic flood to your site.

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