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Eternal Spiral Books is a collective of talented writers, artists, editors, and top experts in their fields all working together to produce informative and practical guides designed to help you improve your life personally and professionally.

Transform Your Life, Step By Step

All Eternal Spiral Books guides are designed to help you take practical action, to transform your life one step at a time.

What is the Eternal Spiral?

In systems of belief which include the idea of re-incarnation, the eternal spiral is a symbol of our human experience, with the soul going on to infinity. The lessons we live in this life can often be passed along to the next.  The eternal spiral is both the human soul itself, and the journey of that soul through countless lifetimes and/or through the universe.

At Eternal Spiral Books, we advocate life-long learning and personal transformation. We try to help readers meet their personal, professional and financial goals with step-by-step guides that can help them take action to achieve their aims.

Remember, it’s not just the destination, it’s the journey too. Our expert authors, with genuine hands-on experience in the topics that they write about, hope to smooth the way to your transformation through giving all their readers the benefit of their knowledge and in-depth study.

If you have a topic you would like to see covered here, or are an author yourself who can create educational and informative step-by-step guides, we would love to hear from you.

Why an Ebook?

Save time, money and trees.  Instant downloads mean you get your book right away, saving you time, and saving money by not having to pay for shipping and handling.  You get the same great content as you would in a book printed on paper, but we pass the savings along to you.

We publish our books through the Amazon Kindle platform because they offer safe and secure 1-click shopping, PLUS free apps that will allow you to read your book on ANY device.  Once your book is in your digital library at Amazon, you can download it to any device you own and read it wherever you go. You can also read these books online right on your desktop through Amazon’s Cloud Reader. One book, MANY devices. That sure is easy.

We also support Kindle Lending Library borrowings. Loan your book to anyone you think will appreciate the information, to help them transform their lives as well! Learn more here: Lending Kindle Books

To get started reading, click on the links on the right to browse all of the titles we offer.

From health, finance and marketing to small business, green titles and self-help, there’s something for everyone at Eternal Spiral Books. Transform your life starting today.

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