Are You Ready to Go Mobile in Your Business?

I don’t know about you, but when I leave the house these days, the only things I need to take with me are my keys, wallet (sometimes) and my Smartphone.  I used to always carry around a pad and paper and business cards, but thanks to the incredible features on iPhone and Android phones, I don’t even need most of the time any more. I have printed up a QR code as my virtual business card on a label and stuck it on the back of my phone in case anyone wants to scan it and get my data automatically inserted into their contacts. They can also visit my website with just a few clicks.

Everyone seems to be getting in on the mobile phone act, except possibly some business owners. Maybe it is the technology that is so daunting for so many people. Just watch a group of 20-somethings using their Smartphones. It can seem like another world to anyone who still remembers rotary phones.

Yet this trend is only growing, and we need to move with the times and adapt to survive, and thrive, in business.  If you are business owner, mobile is clearly where you want to be, if you are not already.  Smartphone ownership is expected to reach a tipping point in the US, according to Nielsen. With millions of Smartphones already owned, and most new phones being manufactured as Smartphones, the growth will be explosive, and rapid.

Apple’s iPhone led and is still ahead of the pack but Android is growing by leaps and bounds. As Google points out in their book The Zero Moment of Truth, many people use their Smartphones to research products and services the moment they hear about them or see a URL. What does YOUR website tell the mobile user about how you feel about them.

Think about it! Then take action to start moving into the mobile marketing mainstream.

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