Bargain Travel: All-Inclusive Cruises

With the variety of cruises currently on the market, there are a wide range of competitively-priced cruises to choose from. All inclusive packages are the best deals available in travel, because as the name suggests, everything is included in one single price. The only thing you would need to pay for would be food and drinks at your various destinations and the cost of travel to and from your home to the port where the cruise begins.

In the cruise package, you will be received food, travel and accommodation all rolled into one. You will get a cruise cabin, meals, entertainment, and transportation to various ports of call. You r choice of entertainment will depend on your interests and the ages of your children, if you have any, but cruise lines try to cater for a variety of tastes and needs.

You can have onboard babysitting, kids’ activities, sports, movies and more. Dining can be sit down or buffet style and you can eat in the restaurant or request room service. Each ship offers varying degrees of luxury at a wide range of prices. They also offer different configurations of staterooms and beds in each, from the fold-down Pullman bed to sofa beds and rollaway cots.

When you begin planning your vacation, keep in mind what you are looking for so that you choose the right package. You can choose from adult only, family cruises, honeymoon cruises, golf cruises, spring break cruises and more.

The main things you will want to keep in mind are departure and arrival location, and how much it will cost to get to the cruise ship and back again. You will also need to decide on how many people are going and what their favorite destination might be.

Do your research to find the best price for what is on offer. Also keep your eyes open for any great travel bargains, especially last-minute deals.

Early Booking Discounts
This discount is available on many cruise packages, starting about 6 months prior to departure. They may not be as cheap as a last minute deal, but you can be assured of getting the dates and stateroom you want, rather than taking whatever is available as they try to fill the ship. Dig deep for the best package deals going to your choice/s of destination. Chances are you will find a competitively-priced package and then all you need to do is choose your ship.

Last-Minute Discounts
Although this is a risky way to plan your vacation, especially if you have children, it can also save you a lot of money. If you live in a city with regular cruises going in and out of it, this can be a great way to just hop on board and have a great time.

While it is true that you might only end up with an inside cabin, we also have to say that in our experience, you will probably only be spending time there to change clothes and sleep.

Low Season Discounts
Picking the ‘low season’ for cruise vacations is the best way to get a bargain price. Just be aware of the dangers of hurricane season in the Caribbean, for instance, and consider taking out travel insurance in the event of illness, severe weather and so on.

Look Out for Value-Add Cruise Deals
When you are comparing cruise ships, don’t just look at the price. See what you get for it. On one ship you might get an inside cabin with a Pullman bed for the same price as an outside cabin with a sofa bed on another ship. The newer ships also tend to have more amenities, so if certain features like a heated pool are important to you, look for them.

Some cruises will also give you extras such on –board credits, room upgrades, complimentary flowers and wine in your room and so on.

A cruise can save you a lot of money on your summer vacation if you are traveling somewhere hot, and any vacation if you comparison shop carefully for the best deals on the locations you want to visit most.

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