Building a Twitter Strategy for Your Business

Twitter is a relatively new social media, yet it is already becoming increasingly important to have a well thought-out Twitter strategy in today’s business landscape. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using Twitter and why internet-conscious business owners should begin implementing strong Twitter strategies.

Twitter Has the Traffic

It’s a well-known internet axiom: “Go where the traffic is.” Every day, 3 million tweets are sent out on Twitter. Every month, over 8 million different people use Twitter; therefore, the enormous number of people using Twitter makes it a very strong platform to be on.

Twitter is a Multi-Purposed Business Tool

There are many different ways to use Twitter. Unlike other marketing tools which just have one use (e.g. AdWords = generate traffic), Twitter can be used for many things. It can be used to get new people into your funnel. People who have never heard of you will discover you and your products when someone retweets a tweet from you that they liked.

Twitter can also be used as a follow-up tool to existing customers. People who wouldn’t normally give away their email address would feel very comfortable following you on Twitter. Twitter can also be used as a PR rescue tool. If there is ever a PR emergency, such as a bad rumor circulating, it can be addressed instantaneously with Twitter instead of using other methods that take a lot longer.

Finally, Twitter’s search capabilities make it easy to see what other people are saying about your company, your market and your competitors. It can be a mighty powerful research tool.

That’s just a handful of the different ways to use Twitter. As you can see, it is a very powerful tool that can be used in many, many different ways.

Different People Have Different Communication Preferences

Your customers have a lot of choices in how they stay in touch with your company. They can just bookmark your website and come back when they want. They can give you their email address, follow your RSS, join your Facebook page, or follow you on Twitter.

The reality is that everyone has different preferences on how they wish to receive communications. There is a very large audience on the Internet that prefers Twitter over just about every other medium.

The idea isn’t to use Twitter to replace other mediums. The idea is to give your customers the medium they prefer. If they like Twitter and prefer to follow content through Twitter rather than other means, it is usually in your best interest to let them do so.

Twitter has the traffic, has many compelling business uses, and has a strong following of people who prefer to get updates via Twitter rather than any other means. These are three very powerful reasons why just about any business owner should seriously consider building a Twitter strategy for their business.