Small Business Spotlight

If you’re interested in starting your own small business, these articles and guides can help.

Coaching Business Secrets: How to Set Up Your Own Successful Business as a Life Coach

Learn how to start your own successful business as a life coach, making a living helping people and getting paid what you deserve for your knowledge and experience.

Countdown to Christmas Profits

Countdown to Christmas Profits: The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Getting Ready for the End of Year Shopping Season Online The countdown to Christmas in your business has begun! Getting your marketing plans and promotions in […]

How to Start a Successful Direct Sales Business: Basics for Beginners

How to Start a Successful Direct Sales Business: Basics for Beginners (Business Matters) Direct sales is a $132.5 billion industry, with over 87 million sales representatives all over the world selling high-quality products that have […]

How to Develop Leadership Skills: Become an Effective Leader at Work, Home and in the Community

Learn how to improve your leadership skills in order to achieve greater responsibility in the workplace, community and when working with young people.

How to Create Powerful Powerpoint 2010 Presentations Quickly and Easily: A Quick-start Guide to Using Powerpoint

Discover how to make your first PowerPoint deck from scratch with the help of this illustrated step by step guide.

How to Start a Successful Small Business Even if You Don’t Have Much Cash

Discover how to start your own small business and bootstrap your way to success by getting the cash you need to succeed.

Essentials For Setting Up Your New Small Business

Essentials For Setting Up Your New Small Business gives you step by step details on how to get set up in your own small business.

Further Considerations in Choosing your Webinar Format

In a previous article we discussed 6 different formats you can choose from depending on your own level of comfort in front of the camera and in interacting with other, both the audience, and other […]

Online Security Tips for Your Ecommerce Site

If you are an online business owner, chances are that you are so preoccupied with struggling to make money in a competitive niche, you have very little time to spare to consider online security. That […]

Are you asking the right questions at your job interviews?

Do you feel stuck in your current job? Or are you looking for a job? As the new year approaches, it might be time to brush up on your job interview skills. Questions You Need […]