Factors That Affect Body Weight 9

Physical activity A low level of physical activity is one of the most important factors in the high and rising rate of obesity in the United States. People are simply not getting enough exercise. Becoming […]

Factors That Affect Body Weight 8

Dietary intake continued To point to overeating as the cause of obesity is overly simplistic, however. It does not explain why one 125 pound woman can eat 1,800 calories a day and not gain weight, […]

Factors That Affect Body Weight 7

Lifestyle Factors That CAN Be Changed For Weight Loss The following factors affect weight and ARE under your control. So if you are worried about your weight, even small changes in these areas can add […]

Factors That Affect Body Weight 6

Metabolism continued Set point theory According to this theory, you have a predetermined weight and level of body fat—called a set point—that your body wants to maintain. This body fat level is determined by genetics, […]

Factors That Affect Body Weight 5

Metabolism continued So it is important to remember that due to metabolism, weight loss or gain  is NOT a one-to-one ratio, as we thought. If a gained pound is equal to 2000 extra calories, a […]

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Metabolism continued Whether or not obese people have an abnormally slow metabolism is controversial. In fact, it takes more energy to maintain a greater body mass. For example, a person who weighs 200 lbs has […]

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Your Metabolism This is the process that extracts and utilizes energy (measured in calories) from food. Even at rest, energy is needed for many functions, such as: the beating of your heart, breathing, and cell […]

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Genetic Factors Continued A number of genes are responsible for regulating body weight. More than a decade ago, researchers at Rockefeller University discovered that mutations in a gene—called the obesity (ob) gene— prevented a strain […]

Factors That Affect Body Weight 1

Controllable factors—for example, a high-calorie diet, emotional responses to food (such as eating when anxious or bored), too large portion sizes, automatic eating, and a lack of exercise—play a crucial role in the development of […]

Watching Your Weight

Good nutritional habits aren’t just important for preventing diseases, they can also help you watch your weight. Rates of overweight and obesity are higher than ever in the United States, alarmingly so. According to the […]

How to lose weight and keep it off

Here’s a great article on how to lose weight and keep it off from Johns Hopkins Health Alerts. The National Weight Loss Registry study proves you can lose weight and keep it off without going […]

The Atkins Diet and Unprocessed Foods 2

Back to those packaged and processed low-carb foods. Technically, they are part of the low-carb program. They can be used in moderation as substitutes for your favorite carbohydrate heavy foods. In a pinch, low-carb bread […]