Coping with Teen Internet Addiction: A Guide for Parents

Discover what Internet addiction is, what causes it, signs and symptoms, and how you can wean your child from their Internet addiction.

Essential Health Tips for Teens

Health Tips for Teens presents puberty in a non-threatening, non-judgmental and religion-neutral manner. It offers common sense advice to for teens and their parents so they can understand the changes in their body and how to make smart choices about their health.

How to Stop Emotional Eating: Basics for Beginners

Discover whether or not you are an emotional eater, and the best strategies for dealing with emotional eating, for a slimmer, healthier you.

The Importance of Sleep for Your Health and Weight

Learn about the connection between sleep and your weight and overall health, so you can slim down without suffering through depressing diets and endless exercise.

Back-To-School Bugs: Keeping Kids Healthy When They’re in School

Learn more about the most common germs your school-aged children are exposed to, and other key health concerns, to keep your children safe and healthy.

How to Treat Depression and Anxiety with Natural Remedies: Basics for Beginners

Effective treatment of anxiety and depression is often dreaded by people suffering from these medical conditions due to the fact that they want to avoid using prescription drugs. The good news is that there are […]

How to Deal with Postpartum Depression: The “Baby Blues” – Basics for Beginners

How to Deal With Postpartum Depression

Everyone around the world seems to get excited abut the prospect of a new royal baby every time it hits the headline, but there can be a darker side to the joyful event if the mother […]

Healthy Infographic-19 Fitness Tips for Beginners

Discover 19 top tips for beginners trying to get fit.

Stay Safe From Nasty Norovirus

Norovirus is commonly called ‘food poisoning’ or ‘stomach flu’. It causes over 21 million cases of stomach upset (gastroenteritis) every year in the United States and more than 800 deaths. Even worse, a whole new […]

Cyclospora: How to Stay Safe

Cyclospora is a serious food-borne illness that is becoming increasingly frequent in the US and can be contracted when you’re traveling if you don’t know how to prevent it. Learn how to stay safe from cyclospora.

Swimmer’s Ear: How to Protect Your Ears From Serious Infection: Basics for Beginners

Swimmer’s ear is a painful and potentially dangerous condition if left untreated. Discover the causes of swimmer’s ear, how to treat it, and how to prevent it from harming you or your family.

Outdoor Fitness Fun for the Whole Family: A Guide to Helping Your Family Stay Fit in Spring and Summer

Learn how to stay fit outdoors in spring and summer. Discover a range of exercises and activities everyone in the family will love.