Canning for the Winter Part 2

Quantity Make sure you have enough of each item to be canned. This way you can make it through the winter. A little prior planning can go a long way and can really make the […]

Canning for the Winter Part 1

Toiling over the ground; tilling until it is just right. Mixing fertilizer until your hands are stained black and neat little rows are prepared, equal distances apart, to ensure the best end results. Laying down […]

Tips for Canning Part 2

Follow Instructions   It is important to follow the instructions on the recipe exactly. Any deviation in technique could lead to spoiled foods or food that doesn’t taste right because too much salt or acid […]

Tips for Canning Part 1

Canning today, is as easy as it ever has been. It’s nothing like the old days when it took a whole week to can one section of vegetables from your garden. Today, a whole garden […]

The Evolution of Canning Part 2

Until this point, the cans were only being produced around five to six cans an hour. In 1849, the first machine to manufacture canned goods was patented by Henry Evans and can production began to […]

The Evolution of Canning Part 1

Imagine 300 years ago, trying to travel across the country with food supplies. The horse drawn carriage, no refrigeration or cooling capacity, the bugs all around trying to figure out what is in the bag; […]