25 Simple Summer Smoothies

With everyone on the go each day, it is challenging to find the time to eat well. In the summer, especially, when the weather is hot and everyone wants to avoid cooking and eat light, […]

Fantastic Fruit Salads

People love to eat, but with over 67% of Americans currently overweight or obese, it might be time to start looking at more low-calorie food options and better eating strategies. Fantastic fruit salads can help. […]

Healthy Make Ahead and Freeze Muffins

Healthy Make Ahead and Freeze Muffins-Eternal Spiral Books

The holidays are coming! But if you aren’t much of a cook, the last thing you might want to think about is menu planning. Luckily, thanks to make ahead and freeze muffins, feeding your family […]

25 Festive Smoothies, Shakes and More

Discover great shakes and smoothies with a seasonal and festive touch.

Get ready for the holidays with Make and Freeze Meals

Make and Freeze Recipes-Eternal Spiral Books

The holiday season is fast approaching, when the colder weather is going to make everyone eager for hot, filling meals. Then there is all the entertaining you will have to do, for parties, potlucks and […]

Even More Make and Freeze Recipes

**You asked for even more great freezer tips and recipes, you’ve got it! ** Continuing on from their previous two guides on Make and Freeze recipes, this guide can help you save even more time […]

More Healthy Quinoa Cookery for Beginners

by Mara Michaels and Erin Kennedy Quinoa, pronounced keen-WAH, is a rather confusing food for many people. Is it a whole-grain, or something more?  Is it a carbohydrate-like rice?  Is it related to wheat? Or, […]

Healthy Quinoa Cookery for Beginners

by Mara Michaels and Erin Kennedy Quinoa can be classed as a “super food”, full of nutrition and great taste. In this guide, the authors discuss what quinoa is, the history of quinoa, how to […]

Simple Soups and Stews from Your Crock Pot

by Mara Michaels and Carolyn Stone Crock pot cooking is a great way to feed the whole family nutritiously yet inexpensively, using a great number of ingredients you probably already have on hand at home […]