How to Keep Your Pets Safe in Summer and Warm Weather: Basics for Beginners

Warm weather isn’t just dangerous for humans. The heat of summer can make pets ill, and even kill. Learn how to keep your dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals safe in the heat.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe in Winter and Cold Weather

Discover the best ways to keep your dogs, cats and other pets safe in winter and cold weather.

Helping Animals This Winter

Animal shelters across the country are filled to capacity and many more have been left to fend for themselves out on the streets because people do not want to pay the surrender fee or answer […]

Free dog training ecourse to help your whole family

For anyone in the know about pets, there is no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner. Why? The dog has no choice. Humans do. Training your new puppy or dog can […]