Savory Peach Ham

What You Need:   1/4 C ketchup 1 T brown sugar 1 T cider vinegar 2 t Worcestershire sauce 1 t + 2 T canola oil 1/4 t pepper 4 (4 oz ea) ham slices, […]

Holiday Cinnamon Braid

What You Need:   2 (1/4 oz) pkgs. active dry yeast 1 C warm water 1/3 C butter at room temperature 1/4 C sugar 1 t salt 2 eggs 5 C flour 1 egg yolk […]

Catering Christmas Dinner Part 2

When dealing with a caterer for Christmas dinner, contact them well in advance of the occasion. Caterers book up fast with private parties and corporate affairs. Discuss a budget with them. While you want the […]

Catering Christmas Dinner Part 1

Preparing Christmas dinner for a group of people can be time consuming. With everything that goes into the Christmas season, adding dinner to the list can be daunting. This year, consider having your Christmas dinner […]

Holiday Beverages Part 2

A popular European holiday drink that has found a place in the U.S. is wassail. It is a spiced punch that is served hot. Many modern versions use mulled cider but traditionally they used mulled […]

Christmas Foods that Kids Can Prepare Part 2

For any recipe, begin by gathering your ingredients and utensils. It will feel like a kitchen show; your kids will love that. Show them how to do each step and then let them take over […]

Christmas Foods that Kids Can Prepare Part 1

Christmas is a holiday where the entire family tries to get together. Sweet smells waft from the kitchen as those with the talent prepare meal after meal to everyone’s delight. If you have kids, get […]

Holiday Beverages Part 1

There are many holiday songs that mention good things to drink. Holiday beverages are the perfect topper for a great dinner or the wake up for morning breakfast. Here are a few holiday drinks to […]

Tips for Making Christmas Food Gifts Part 2

Soups On, or is it Cookies?   Decorative mixes are still a big hit at holiday time. From soups to cookies, the gift receiver can decide when they will use their gift. Already prepared food […]

Host a Christmas Brunch Part 2

The secret to a holiday brunch is the preparation and a bit of cheating. It is okay because the food will still be good. For example, if you decide to serve blueberry muffins, buy them […]

Tips for Making Christmas Food Gifts Part 1

When it comes right down to it, some of the best gifts given at Christmas are given from the heart. What says that you took time and care more than a homemade food gift?   […]

Host a Christmas Brunch Part 1

You have spent a good portion of Christmas Eve getting food ready for Christmas dinner the next day. Treat all of the diligent cooks (and the rest of the family) to a brunch on Christmas […]

Essentials You Need for the Perfect Christmas Dinner Part 2

Instead of using all of your baking pans and washing them repeatedly, it is easier to cook sides and meats in disposable aluminum pans. They hold up well when cooking and can be thrown away […]

Christmas Theme Dinners Part 2

Let’s start with holiday movies. Take your favorite movie and use that as a starting point. Use the time period and any mention of food in the movie to set up your menu and what […]

Essentials You Need for the Perfect Christmas Dinner Part 1

What are the two things you run out for at the last minute when preparing Christmas dinner? Seasonings and utensils. This article addresses the essentials you need to be sure you have on hand when […]