Medifast Diet Plan 2

Exercise is not pushed with this plan because the low caloric intake helps the body to lose weight through normal activity.  However, exercise would improve your cardiovascular health and eliminate some illnesses as the weight drops. Increased activity also means that you will get hungry, and it may be harder to stay full and satisfied

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Medifast Diet Plan 1

Medifast is a diet plan that offers great benefit to people that need to lose a lot of weight. People with hundreds of pounds to shed have found success with this plan. Medifast is a portion controlled plan that works best when monitored by a physician. Medifast bases its plan on portion control.  Eating foods

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Mayo Clinic Plan 2

People trying the Mayo Clinic plan can also eat foods like nuts, unsaturated oils, whole grains, fish, and lean meats.  Foods high in fat, like some fish and nuts, keep hunger at bay. Pop a few nuts in your mouth as a mid-morning snack to keep from feeling hungry before lunch. Again, we are told

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Mayo Clinic Plan 1

Hospitals and weight loss plans seem to go together.  We figure that if health professionals come up with a diet it must be good. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  However, here is one of the better hospital type diet plans, the Mayo Clinic plan. The Mayo Clinic plan is designed to be an

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The low GI diet plan 2

A person following the low GI diet plan could eat a meal of low glycemic index foods and still come out worse for it according to the plan because other factors have not been taken into account. For instance, fats in a meal slow down digestion, therefore possibly changing the effect on the body. They

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Low GI Diet Plan 1

The low GI (glycemic index) diet plan stresses eating foods that register a low number on the glycemic index scale. The basis of this diet plan is that foods which have a low glycemic index number lead to a stable blood sugar and less weight gain.  Other diet plans also incorporate the glycemic index into

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LA Weight Loss Program 2

One drawback of the plan is the weigh-ins. Members are asked to weigh three times a week. That’s too much for the average person. The scale is not always an accurate representation of how a weight loss program is improving your health, and weighing in that many times a week can actually be detrimental to

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