Halloween Pumpkin Picking Part 2

The kids and I pick up gourds and squash that we find to be “totally cool” and everyone gets their fill. Some of these special finds are used for home decoration, end up at school […]

Halloween Pumpkin Picking Part 1

If you have the opportunity to choose your Halloween pumpkins from a farm this fall, I would encourage you to do so.   The last ten years I have taken my children and grandchildren out […]

How to Carve Your First Pumpkin Part 2

Let the Fun Begin   It’s time to clean out your pumpkin. Using your hands, scoop out the seeds and put them in the garbage bag, unless you want to put them in a bowl […]

How to Carve Your First Pumpkin Part 1

So you’re ready to carve your first pumpkin? Congratulations in joining the ranks of many who rank pumpkin carving as one of their favorite Halloween activities. To avoid a huge mess you’ll have to clean […]

Pumpkin Festivals Part 2

Another feature of the pumpkin festival is the pumpkin carving aspect. Many people shop around for the perfect pumpkin to use for their festival creation. The designs work best on a pumpkin that is just […]

Pumpkin Festivals Part 1

One highlight of autumn is pumpkin festivals. Pumpkin growers have nurtured those seedlings through to full growth from spring until fall. If you like to attend festivals, visit a pumpkin festival in your town or […]