My Food Pyramid 2

As you visit the MyPyramid website at to learn more about the USDA recommendations as to what you should be eating, you might be wondering what types of foods belong in each of the food groups, or what a a cup, oz-eq (= ounce-equivalent), tsp (teaspoon), tbsp, tablespoon, or discretionary calorie is. We have

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My Food Pyramid 1

How to eat right, even if you haven’t got much time You may not yet be familiar with the new food pyramid recommended by the USDA, called MyPyramid. It has vertical bands of color and a figure climbing up the side of the pyramid to remind you to get enough physical activity. Each colored band

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Your Body Mass Index

Do you know your number? Most people don’t. And that’s a shame, since your number can offer a peek at your health. By your number, we mean your body mass index (BMI), which indicates whether your weight falls within a desirable range for your height. Depending on your classification, you may or may not wish

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Healthy Weight Calculator

Here is a handy online tool to help you calculate your Body Mass index (BMI) so you can determine your optimal healthy weight.