Start Eating Properly to Boost Your Metabolism Part 1

In this article on your metabolism, we will discuss the fact that contrary to popular dieting myths, you have to eat in order to keep your metabolism running in an optimal manner.

Are you skipping breakfast in order to cut back on calories and lose weight?

Bad idea, and we’ll tell you why!

Diets Damage Metabolism

When we see beautiful models in magazines and svelte actresses in movies, we are tempted to cut down on our eating in order to lose weight and look more like them.  We decide to stop eating as much so we can drops some pounds.  Less food taken in should mean you’ll lose weight quickly, right?

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What is Metabolism?

Your metabolism is the amount of energy in calories that your body burns in order to maintain its weight.  Whether you’re sleeping, running, sitting, standing, riding in a car or eating a bowl ice cream, your body is constantly burning calories in order to keep you going.  Think of it as a fire within you,

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Healthy Weight Calculator

Here is a handy online tool to help you calculate your Body Mass index (BMI) so you can determine your optimal healthy weight.

How many calories are you really burning?

Here is a handy little interactive calculator for common daily activities: Remember, one lost pound = 3,500 burned calories