How to choose a fitness center

 Everyone knows they should keep fit, but some of us need more help and motivation than others. If you are thinking of joining a fitness center, here is a good article that will help take […]

The Weight Loss Challenge Part 1

Do we REALLY need to lose weight by dieting? And will it work if we try? Despite the fact that obesity is supposed to be an epidemic in the US, the idea of dieting seems […]

Top Ten Alternative Reasons Why Americans Are So Fat 2

6. Population changes. There are now more older people as well as more Hispanics in the United States, and these groups have higher rates of obesity due to middle aged spread, and hereditary characteristics. 7. […]

Top Ten Alternative Reasons Why Americans Are So Fat 1

Too much food and a lack of exercise are not the only factors contributing to obesity in the United States. Scientists reviewed more than 100 studies on weight, and identified ten other possibilities as to […]

Healthy Weight Calculator

Here is a handy online tool to help you calculate your Body Mass index (BMI) so you can determine your optimal healthy weight.

How many calories are you really burning?

Here is a handy little interactive calculator for common daily activities: Remember, one lost pound = 3,500 burned calories