Coping with a Family Member Who Has ADHD Part 2

Coping with a Family Member Who Has ADHD Part 2

In the first part of this article, we looked at 5 ways to cope with a family member who has ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In this part of the article, here are 5 more useful tips to help you adn your family deal with a diagnosis of ADHD.

6. Change Your Diet
There is a growing list of trigger foods that you will want to consult if you have a family member with ADHD. You need to get your entire family on board with these changes and implement them immediately. These dietary changes will reduce the symptoms of ADHD greatly and your entire family will benefit as a result. Culprits have been found to include artificial coloring, artificial sweeteners, foods high in sugar, foods treated with pesticides, and more. Avoid relying on convenience foods full of chemicals and preservatives. Whenever possible, buy fresh food and cook it yourself.

7. Get Involved
ADHD is becoming more and more common and, as a result, there are many support groups out there to join. You’ll find it helpful and therapeutic when you get involved in one of these groups because you will meet others going through the same thing you are. Additionally, you can help each other by providing new ideas, thoughts and techniques for dealing with the various difficulties the disorder brings.

8. Help Your Loved One Find an Outlet
As mentioned above, there are many positive aspects for the person with ADHD, not just the bothersome behaviors. Therefore, help him/her focus on these positive traits by getting them involved in a corresponding activity. Your loved one will feel accepted and accomplished and the activity will help unite the entire family too. They will also spend time with what they are good at, as opposed to being bored and unfocused on things they are not interested in. Just beware of what is termed ‘hyperfocus’, in which they become totally absorbed in their favorite tasks to the exclusion of all else. A well-rounded schedule will include a variety of activities throughout the day, with their least favorite subjects and activities sandwiched in between things that they like.

These are just a few suggestions as to the best ways to cope with a family member who has ADHD. For more information on ADHD in children, you might be interested in:

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Coping with a Family Member Who Has ADHD Part 2
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Coping with a Family Member Who Has ADHD Part 2
Discover more of the best ways that you can cope with a family member who has ADHD.