Could freelancing be right for you?

Now that the kids are back at school, you might find yourself with more free time. You might also find yourself thinking about the next few months, and all the financial demands a new school year triggers, from back to school items and clothes, to books, money for school trips, and of course, all the holiday events that will be coming up from now until the end of the year.

No child likes to feel left out at school, and we parents hate to tell our children no, we can’t afford that.  It is a valuable lesson to be learned, of course, but if we are being completely honest, it still makes us feel a little bit of a failure deep down inside that we can’t give our children the best of everything all the time.

And no matter how well we think we are planning and budgeting, there is always some unexpected financial surprise, like the lock on your door falling apart completely, $400, your boiler breaking in the middle of winter, $5,000, or your dog collapsing and needing emergency surgery and chemotherapy, $10,000.  There is insurance, of course, but all of these real life examples from our family in the last year are good examples of how working as a freelancer can give you the kind of financial freedom that only comes with a-having cash saved in the bank; b-being able to work as much or as little as you wish in order to achieve your personal financial goals; c-having skills that are in demand, and making the most of them to improve your family finances.

freelancefromhomecoverIf you have young children, being at home with them is important, but you probably wish there was more cash coming in. Freelancing can help with that.

If your children have just reached school age, you might start thinking about going back to work, but the hours might not match your schedule of when to drop off and pick up the children. Freelancing can help with this too.

If you are working a 9 to 5 dead end job and longing to really put your skills and talents to use, freelancing can help with this too.

Even if you have a great job or own your own business, you still might not feel you are making enough money.  Freelancing can help with this too.

If any of these scenarios are the case, grab your free copy of Freelance from Home and discover whether freelancing is right for you.

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Could freelancing be right for you?
Article Name
Could freelancing be right for you?
Discover why freelancing can be a great way to earn more money working to your own schedule.