Dog Separation Anxiety FAQs

Dog Separation Anxiety FAQs

Dog Separation Anxiety Frequently Asked Questions

Owners have many questions about Dog Separation Anxiety. Here are some FAQ questions about it.

What is separation anxiety?
It is a form of stress response when your dog gets excessively anxious because its owner has gone away.

How do dogs show they have separation anxiety?
In lots of different way. In terms of noise, they will bark, howl, whimper and cry.

In terms of behavior, they will scratch at doors or windows, through themselves at them, or start tearing up the furniture. They will chew furniture, rip up sofas and beds, chew through shoes, and even chomp through woodwork, plaster board, even metal, all in an effort to get at their owner.

Does it help to have other dogs?
Unfortunately, no. The dog with separation anxiety is so fixation on his or her human that even the company of other animals is not enough to settle them down.

How will a vet treat separation anxiety?
There are a number of medications that can be prescribed, but they can take weeks or even months to get into the system and do come with side effects. A holistic vet know of natural treatments for separation anxiety.

Are there any natural treatments for separation anxiety?
Yes, quite a few. Some measures are just plain common sense. Others might require helpful tools that have been proven to work for dogs with separation anxiety.

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