Easy Halloween Tricks and Treats for Busy Moms

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tricksandtreatscoversmallHalloween should be a fun time for the entire family, but if you are a busy mom, it can be difficult to get into the ‘spirit’ of things because there always seems to be so much to do. This guide is designed with YOU in mind, to help serve as a checklist of the many options you have for celebrating Halloween.

You will discover:
+how to choose candy carefully to keep everyone safe, especially those with allergies
+fun alternatives to candy for your trick or treaters
+planning a party-food, drink, games, themes and venues
+special ideas for Halloween birthdays
+cheap but cheerful costumes

and much more.

Halloween can be cute, spooky, or even gruesome. Decide depending on the ages and tastes in your family. Some will love the supernatural elements of Halloween, while others will wish to focus on the more natural aspects of this autumn holiday.

Discover a range of ideas, including:
+natural and supernatural ways to mark Halloween
+spooky snacks and suppers
+recipes using nature’s bounty
+cheap and easy decorations
+fun arts and crafts ideas for children of all ages

and much more.

Handy appendices help you plan your holiday gathering and stay organized. So if you’re starting to dread the idea of Halloween because you always have so much to do, download a copy of this guide today to help inspire you. Then get everyone in your family on the same page about safe, sane ways to enjoy Halloween.

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Chapter 1-Choosing Candy Carefully
Chapter 2-Safe but Fun Halloween Treats
Chapter 3-Inexpensive but Effective Halloween Costumes
Chapter 4-Planning a Halloween Party
Chapter 5-Venue Ideas for Halloween Parties
Chapter 6-Holiday Safety: Protecting Your Children at Halloween
Chapter 7-Halloween Party Games
Chapter 8-Spooky Halloween Party Ideas
Chapter 9-Natural and Supernatural Halloween Celebrations
Chapter 10-Natural Things to Do for Halloween
Chapter 11-Decorating for a Natural Halloween
Chapter 12-Creative Ideas for a Halloween Birthday
Chapter 13-Halloween Decorations on a Budget
Chapter 14-Spooky Snacks and Supernatural Suppers
Chapter 15-Foods Celebrating Nature’s Bounty
Chapter 16-Halloween Dessert and Centerpiece Ideas
Chapter 17-Halloween Desserts for Special Diets


Appendix 1: How to Make a Whale Costume Easily
Appendix 2: Keeping Track of Your Decorations
Appendix 3: Party Invitations Template and Guest Tracker
Appendix 4: Party Planner
Appendix 5: Pet Safety at Halloween

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Evelyn Trimborn, Mara Michaels and Shannon Farrell are the authors of more than 100 guides on holiday entertaining and healthy eating.
Shanna Murchison is the author of the Druids of Destiny series of historical novels, and a deep well of knowledge about all things Halloween, including delicious traditional Irish and American recipes.

Cindy L. Arthur is the author of the Liam the Piglet series of books for young readers and an expert on fun recipes for young children and stretching your food budget as far as it will go in tasty ways.


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