Free Book Friday

Free Book Friday

book_PNG2121Today we want to introduce you to a handy site for free ebooks. Our friend Steven Hall has put together a nice site full of short, useful PDFs on a range of topics that are designed to help you in a variety of ways. Download the book yourself and also use the share links at the top of the page to share them with your social networks.

There is a lot of free information out there on the Internet, of course, but reading an ebook is a lot easier than hunting all over the place for data from lots of sites and blogs. Steven has created a site with pretty good short, fast reads, so check it out and share the information with anyone who might benefit from it.

Of course, our own quality books at Eternal Spiral Books are different for a number of reasons. The first is that they are written by authors who are experts in their respective areas. Our books are much longer and more detailed as well. Above all, you can read our titles on any device you own with the help of the free Kindle apps.

Your library at Amazon is available any time and safely stored, so you never need to worry about a computer crash or not being able to find your books on a crowded computer full of files.  Our quality ebooks are also all reasonably priced from 99 cents to $2.99 because we pass the savings along to readers of not having to create a paper book.

But since we always encourage people to read and take action to improve their lives, we are happy to introduce you to this handy free ebook site and hope you enjoy today’s free title.

For our business and marketing friends, we have

Simple Affiliate Marketing

For everyone, we have

Eat Right, Feel Great

Free book Friday
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Free book Friday
Get a great book free on Free Book Friday. Today's title is Simple Affiliate Marketing, and as an added bonus, we have Eat Right, Feel Great.