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Newsocialnetworkcoversmall,jpgA lot of clients come to our marketing authors with questions about what they should do to market more effectively online. They also often go to them when the marketing campaign they thought would be brilliant gets no results, or bad ones they did not expect.

We are sorry to say that this is particularly true in reference to social networking. Either they get the gold rush mentality and go crazy on the networks, or they think that social networking is not worth the time and effort because it is hard to measure the return on investment. Still others blunder in blindly, do damage to their brand rather than build it, and then have to try to undo the mistakes they have made.

If you fall into any of these categories, we feel for you, and hope today’s spotlight title can put you back on a more productive path.

How to Use Social Networking Sites to Promote Your Business

If you have not yet started using social media to promote your business because you think it is just something to use in your leisure time, we hope this guide might open your eyes to the many business uses that social network has to boost brand awareness and customer loyalty, as well as drive traffic.

If you are just starting out in business, we hope it can help you start using social networks to drive traffic to your site or blog.

Social networking can be an excellent tool for branding, traffic, relationship building, and more. It is up to you if you want it to be a hammer or a surgical scalpel to accomplish your marketing goals. Both are useful, of course, and both can do serious damage in the wrong hands. Discover the basics and see how social media can work well as part of your overall integrated marketing plan.

Here’s to making this year your most successful yet!


P.S. Ever see the comedy Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life?

It can be very rude in places, but in one funny skit, a lot of people are all sitting around at a fancy dinner party when the Grim Reaper enters in order to usher them all into the afterlife.

As they are being herded away, one of them dares to say, “But I don’t understand. How could we all die at the same time?”

The Grim Reaper points one bony claw at a large platter and says, “It was the salmon mousse.”

The host of the dinner party then hisses to his wife as they are led off, “I TOLD you not to use canned salmon! This is social death!”

Don’t commit social death on the major social networking sites. Be real, fresh, interesting, not canned, old and stale, and see what a difference it can make to your traffic, subscriptions and sales.



Author: jm

Joan Mullally has been doing business online for nearly twenty years and is a pioneer in the fields of online publishing, marketing, and ecommerce. She is the author of more than forty guides designed to help readers make the most of the opportunities the Internet offers for running a successful business. A student and later teacher trainee of Frank McCourt’s, she has always appreciated the power of the word, and has used her knowledge for successful SEO and PPC campaigns, and powerful marketing copy. One computer science class at NYU was enough to spark her fascination with all things digital. In her spare time, she works with adult literacy, animal fostering and rescue, and teaching computer skills to women.