How profitable is your website in the run up to the holidays?

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Google’s recent search engine algorithm (formula) update known as Hummingbird has had a huge impact on many websites, with some reporting losses in traffic from 70 to 90% since August 2013.

If your traffic logs are telling a similar sad story, it is time to learn how to play the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game the Google way, to win.

The Google Hummingbird Update 2013: What You Need To Know

shows you Hummingbird in action, through detailed analysis with illustrated examples.

You don’t need to be a geek to do good SEO. You DO need to know what Google is up to, and how they reward some sites and penalize others, so you can make the most of your SEO skills.

Speaking of penalties, Google has ALSO launched a recent update of their Penguin algorithm, Penguin 2.1.

Google Penguin 2013 SEO Success Secrets: What You Need to Know About the Google Penguin Algorithm Update and What to Do to Improve Your Page Rank

Learn how Hummingbird and Penguin are designed to work together to ‘weed out’ rubbish websites and make everything rosy in the Google garden. The trouble is, you or your webmaster might have done something that Google does not like, and not even realized it until it is too late.

Each of these titles are available as instant downloads you can start reading right away to help you recover from any drops in traffic. If you have a site or blog that has not been performing well, now might be the time to make the most of the new opportunities that these radical changes at Google represent.

Best of all, the profits from these two guides this month will be donated to the ongoing relief efforts for the survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan through the American Red Cross, a holiday present from the authors to those less fortunate.

One thing is for sure, the holiday shopping season is just too important to leave to chance. If you’ve lost traffic, you need it back, FAST.

Owning and running your own small business and website or blog can be enough of a challenge as it is without Google making up the rules of the game whenever they like and changing the goalposts just when you think you’ve gotten on top of things. Use these guides to master Hummingbird and Penguin to take your site to a whole new level with tried and tested, honest and effective SEO techniques.