How safe are your fruits and veggies? A nasty parasite could be lurking on them

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cyclSummer is here, and with it another series of outbreaks of cyclospora.
Cyclospora is just one of the many foodborne illnesses that can sicken you and your family all year round, but especially in the summer, when it can be easily mistaken for food poisoning due to unrefrigerated food, norovirus, or listeria.
It can also be mistaken for so-called Montezuma’s revenge, as we say in the States, or ‘gippy tummy’ as we say in the UK, short for Egyptian tummy, upset stomach when people travel overseas.
Learn what Cyclospora is, where it lurks, and how to stay safe, both at home, and if you are traveling overseas. Also discover why your juicing habits could be dangerous, and what might be lurking in your produce bins. This is must read information you will  not want to miss, to keep you and your family safe.
Cyclospora: How to Stay Safe 

It is free today on Amazon, or any time with your Kindle Unlimited membership.
Here is to a safe, happy summer free from serious stomach bugs.