How to Get Website Traffic Quickly Part 4

Tip #4 Get Social Online

Social networking can be a great marketing opportunity, but the first thing to remember about it is the word social. The users to these sites want to connect with other people interested in the same things, but they do not want to be sold to or spammed. If you have done your market research, then you should know what things the people in your niche are most interested in discussing and the problems that you need to solve. You should also have a full profile of who they are and where they socialize.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be powerful tools for generating links and traffic to your site provided that you follow the rules and post interesting content on a regular basis, with a ratio of 1 promotional post for every ten helpful and interesting ones.

You can promote your site through free items that have high-perceived value. These have the best potential to go viral, that is, get passed around amongst people on these social networks.

Don’t forget chat rooms, discussion boards, and blog comment areas as great places to create links back to your site, provided that you are participating in a meaningful way and not just posting “Me too,” types of comments.

Head over to the industry specific blogs you like best and also offer to be a guest blogger. Give them great content and see how many comments it generates.

By regularly networking with a highly targeted audience in your niche, your name will soon start to be known and people will begin to consider you as an expert. In this way, you can sell information products much more easily on your site, through steady streams of interested traffic.


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