How to Save Money to Achieve Your Financial Goals: Save Over $100,000 in 15 Years or Less

How To Save Money to Achieve Your Financial Goals

by Annabelle Stevens and Jim Franklin

The recession has created a nation more interested now in saving than in spending, but despite their best efforts, many people are still struggling to achieve their financial goals. In this guide, the authors take you step by step through the process of setting your goals, and the obstacles that might get in the way of achieving them.

You will discover the steps to setting and achieving your financial goals, including:

+ Budgeting
+ Saving
+ Paying down debt
+ Investing
+ Dealing with taxation issues
and much more.

Learn how to:

+ Set your financial priorities
+ Pay down credit card debt strategically
+ Discover your investment personality
+ Understand the miracle of compounding, and what it can mean for your financial future.

If you have been trying to slash expenses and save solidly but don’t seem to get getting any closer to your goals, this guide will help you start taking action today to overcome your obstacles and achieve realistic financial goals that can transform your life and help provide you and your family with the kind of financial security and stability you’ve been dreaming of.




Jim Franklin is a journalist and writer on a variety of financial topics designed to help you make the most of your money. He is a regular contributor to a variety of blogs and websites, including He is the author of nearly a dozen step-by-step guides on topics ranging from life insurance to the property market.

Annabelle is one of the editors and writers for, and the authors of over two dozen self-help guides on a range of self-help topics.

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