How to Use Tags to Get Website Traffic Quickly

One of the most significant keys to success on the Internet is getting website traffic. The more visitors you have, the better your leads, sales and profits will be.

In any business, you need to know your niche, that is, your area of expertise well. Online, you need to know what topics are of interest to your prospective customers, and therefore the keywords that they use to search for information on the Internet.

You will also keep track of your industry to know what’s hot, and what’s not, in your market.

If you build a website based around your keywords and hot trends in your niche, these should help you get more traffic.

But there are also search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that can help you get website traffic quickly. One of the best ways to do this is to tag your keywords.

Search engines look for tagged keywords to find out what a page is ‘about’.

There are a number of tag types you can use, including:

* Title tags.
This is the name of the page on the top of the browser window when you go to a website. Be sure that you have at least one of your keywords, as well as your business name, on your main page, and keyword every title tag for every page on your site.

* Header Tags.
Header tags are next in order of importance to search engines, since they read them as headline. They will be marked H1 to H6, with H1 being the most important.

* Meta Tags.
Meta tags can come in many varieties. The two main ones will be description tag and keyword tag.

The keyword tag is self-explanatory. Put in this tag the main keywords relevant to the page.

The description tag provides the small descriptive information which is found underneath the title tag on the search engine results pages. Like title tags, these should be kept brief, informative and up to date. Google will not use your entire description as is, compared with the other search engines, but it will use at least part of it, so take the time to write a good one.

* Alt Tags.
Alt tags are used to provide an alternate text description of a graphic for people who are visually impaired. Their reader will read the alt tag to them to tell them what the image looks like. Each graphic on your site should have a description and an alt tag.

There are many other tags but these are the most important that you will want to have for every article and image that you create for your site.

Tags are the best ways to help lure the search engines to your page and decide whether or not it is relevant for a particular keyword. Use tags regularly to generate steady streams of free traffic to your site or blog and watch your profits grow.


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