Investment and Financing Strategies: Angel Investors – Basics for Beginners

Investment and Financing Strategies: Angel Investors – Basics for Beginners

angelinvestorscoverInvestment and Financing Strategies: Angel Investors (Money Matters)

Due to the unprecedented collapse of financial institutions in the autumn of 2008, investors and those seeking funding quicklly turned to ‘angel’ investing as an important and viable option. But how can you be SURE an angel is really going to be right for your business?

The authors give readers the inside scoop on the perils and profits for both angel investors and angel borrowers alike.

In this third edition, published in January 2012, you will learn how the money and investing game REALLY works. You will also learn what is actually going on at the executive level of many companies these days.

If you are a start-up entrepreneur, you might also be interested in learning more about how universities are taking an active role in linking promising ideas from undergrads and grad students, and linking them with local angel investors through business plan competitions.

If you want the inside scoop on Angel Investing and how it can profit your business, and transform it from a mere idea to a full-fledged business, this is the Money Matters guide for you.

The authors’ expertise in managing technology research as well as dealing with the financing issues of managing technology-related business initiatives gives them unique firsthand insights into the opportunities, strategies and pitfalls to financing business initiatives and technological innovation.

Use their expert perspectives to help you overcome these obstacles if you are thinking of finding an angel investor to give a financial boost to your business.

This is also a great guide if you have money that you would like to invest, but want to have work for you even better than stocks, bonds and other forms of traditional investments, and are not sure how to start.

Word Count=16,500 words

Audience: Small business owners
Entrepreneurs eager to start their own business

Chapter 1: Investor Strategies and the Angel Investor
Chapter 2: Selecting a Business to Invest In
Chapter 3: Reason1 for Failing to Achieve Growth
Short-term Gains Versus Long-term Goals
Chapter 4: Fixing Damage Caused By Short-term Strategies
Chapter 5: Spotting the Cannibals Before You Get Eaten
Chapter 6: Stopping the Cannibals Before Everyone Gets Chewed and Swallowed
Chapter 7: Reason 2 for Failing to Achieve Growth
What Exactly IS Your Business?
Chapter 8: What Have You Done For Me Lately?
Chapter 9: Where Has All the Core Talent Gone?
Chapter 10: Mitigate Risk – Keep Control
Chapter 11: Aren’t Profits A Worthwhile Goal?
Chapter 12: Future Performance Based Problems
Chapter 13: Angel Investing: What You Need to Know Before You Start
Chapter 14: Why to Keep an Eye on University Business Plan Competitions
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About the Authors

Jeff Hamilton was born in New York City to an academic family.  After completing his BSc from the State University of New York, he immediately entered the workforce in the research and technology fields. After a number of years managing computer-driven research for academia, he switched careers to managing Information technology systems for large, multi-national for-profit corporations. He worked his way through his MBA and advanced up the corporate ladder to work and consult at the largest financial firms in New York City.

After receiving his MBA, Andrew Simon has worked at the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE EuroNext and SONY Corporation.  He enjoys coaching and consulting with a range of small to mid-sized businesses on what new technology can do for them to help increase their revenue and profits.

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