Is it your time to quit smoking?

Is it your time to quit smoking?

Carolyn was at the doctor’s a couple of years ago for a check up to see how her broken ankle has been healing. While she was waiting for the doctor, she heard him talking to another patient. “You need to have surgery next Monday. And you need to stop smoking right now if you want to have any chance of your arm ever healing normally so you can use it fully again.”

The woman he was speaking to started to stammer out questions and excuses, but he said it again, “You need to stop smoking NOW. It takes smokers at least twice as long to heal as other people. In your case, we’ve waited months with no improvement. I’ve told you before to quit, so if you want to have a good result after the surgery, you need to stop right NOW. No more excuses.”

Carolyn had wondered why the doctor had asked her at each visit why she smoked. Now it all made sense. Carolyn’s ankle has taken 7 months to heal since she slipped on wet leaves in the fall.  Her colleague, who also broke her ankle several months before Carolyn, was still not back on her feet over a year later, though she was a good deal younger. The difference-her colleague smokes.

Carolyn’s trip to the doctor is our inspiration for today’s spotlight title, written by an author who managed to quit even though she had a serious smoking habit.
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Here’s to living cigarette free, for better health. And just think of all the cash you will save too!

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NOTE: It is also available in Brazilian Portuguese:

Is it your time to quit smoking?
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Is it your time to quit smoking?
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