Listeria: How to Stay Safe

Listeria: How to Stay Safe

Listeria: How to Stay Safe

With the holidays coming, and family gatherings and buffets, cases of food poisoning will be on the rise. Do you know what’s lurking in the foods other people have made? Or what comes out of factories these days?

One of the most dangerous for women and their unborn babies is listeria.

Listeria is becoming more and more common in the foods we eat. It is important to learn all you can about listeria so you can stay safe, and keep your family safe from this potentially harmful bacteria.

Listeria is a common bacteria found in the digestive tracts of sheep, cows, goats and other animals that we use for food or for the milk that they produce. If Listeria contaminates the food that you eat or the beverages that you drink, you can become ill with a foodborne illness.

For the average healthy person, Listeria poses little risk, but for a woman who is pregnant, and for the elderly and those with a compromised immune system, Listeria can be deadly.

With all of the recent outbreaks of Listeria in the news in the summer of 2013, it is time to take action to keep you and your family safe from Listeria, especially if you have any medical condition or are the caregiver to an elderly or ill relative or elderly employer.

What can make Listeria even more dangerous this year is that it is coming on top of the ongoing Norovirus outbreak that started at the end of 2012, and the most recent Cyclospora outbreak in the United States. How can you tell which illness you have, and what the best treatment is?

In this report, popular health writer Carolyn Stone gives you the essentials on Listeria 2013: what it is, where it comes from, how people become infected, and how to prevent it, in order to keep you and your family safe. Learn the symptoms of Listeria infection and the best ways to treat it. If you are a pregnant woman, learn how it can affect both you and your unborn child, and the severe risks to your baby posed by becoming infected with Listeria.

Learn the best ways to deal with the main symptoms of Listeria, including dehydration. Find out how to deal safely with the foods that carry Listeria infection. Discover the best ways to handle and clean your common household items to stop the spread of this dangerous bacteria.

Discover valuable health resources, important research and findings related to Listeria, the best sources of the latest news on the virus, and much more.

Listeria on its own is bad enough. So many cases of infection from so many different sources coming in the middle of what is also proving to be a hot summer in the United States, and two other stomach bugs besides, can cause even more misery unless you take steps to stay safe TODAY with the help of this guide.

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1-What is Listeria?
2-How is Listeria Spread?
3-Who is Most at Risk of Contracting Listeriosis?
4-What are the Symptoms of Listeriosis?
5-How is Listeriosis Diagnosed?
6-How Do Doctors Treat Listeria Infection?
7-Symptom Alert: Diarrhea and Vomiting and the Dangers of Dehydration
8-What are the Best Ways to Prevent Listeriosis?
9-Washing Your Hands Well
10-Avoiding Foodborne Illness Through Careful Food Handling
11-Cleaning the Kitchen


Carolyn Stone is a freelance journalist who has been working in health publishing for nearly 20 years, both in print and online. She is the author of over 70 health and self-help guides designed to empower readers to live better lives.

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