Marketing Matters

The Marketing Matters series of guides are designed for those interested in starting their own business or learning more about marketing. For those who are looking to improve their marketing results, these guides offer step-by-step approaches and current best practices. They are authored by marketers with genuine, hands-on experience, to help you cut through the hype and confusion. Above all, they are focused on marketing successfully online using the most important strategies and tactics.

20 Video Sharing Sites to Help Market Your Business (Marketing Matters)
– Evelyn Trimborn

How to Use Social Networking Sites to Promote Your Business (Marketing Matters)

-Jeff Hamilton and Evelyn Trimborn

33 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website TODAY (Marketing Matters)

-Jeff Hamilton and Evelyn Trimborn

Mastering Email List Building (Marketing Matters)

-Joan Mullally and Evelyn Trimborn

Facebook Timeline Marketing 101: How to Use the New Facebook Timeline to Market Your Business (Marketing Matters) by Joan Mullally, Thomas Michaels and Martin Warner


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