Profitable Webinars 102 Course

Profitable Webinars 102 Course

Profitable Webinars 102

By now, most people have heard of webinars. Many have even attended. Yet even the savviest business owners are still not using webinars to market their products and services.

Why might this be the case? There are several reasons. The first is that they might be shy about appearing on camera. The second is terror of technology=what service should they use? Will it be too expensive, complicated, make them look silly in front of their audience, and so on.

The truth is that many people with ZERO webinar skills have learned how to plan, prepare and present profitable webinars. You can too! And you can bet if your competition isn’t already, they soon will be, which means it’s time for you to gain an edge over the other businesses in your niche and start offering winning webinars.

In this multimedia course of 15 videos and a workbook, range of handouts, checklists, and other study materials, you will learn:
+what webinars are
+why they can be such a boost for your business
+how to plan a successful webinar
+tools and services available to host a webinar
+how to get people to attend
+how to sell well
+how to follow up after your webinar

and more.

This video course also offers you an inside look at how to set up a webinar in the service GoToMeeting, the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to webinar hosting services.

You will also discover compelling case studies to inspire you to go for gold and get ready to launch your first webinar.

Webinar marketing leverages the popularity of videos with the demand for online education and the need to connect with your target audience in a meaningful way so they feel they ‘know’ and trust you. Use all you learn in this course to take action today to build your brand and boost your profits with winning webinars. REGISTER NOW.

Profitable Webinars 102 Course
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Profitable Webinars 102 Course
Learn more about how to plan, prepare and present profitable webinars to your target audience.
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