Reaching Potential Customers through Smartphones

According to news websites and reports, more than 4.6 billion people have smartphones or other mobile devices. Part of that may be due to the fact that some people have more than one mobile device or cell phone, but that is still an enormous large number.

As a business owner, this number may get your creative juices flowing, thinking how you can use this technology to grow your business. There are many ways you can reach your potential customers through smartphones and other mobile devices.

Social networking – Social networking isn’t just for the laptop or desktop computer anymore. You can connect with your prospects whether you are out and about or they are. In fact, consider creating interactions where you encourage your prospects to connect with you from their mobile devices. Ask them to upload photos or to post status updates when they are out.

Group texting – Instead of, or in addition to asking people to subscribe to your email list, ask them to sign up to receive text messages. You then have their permission to connect via text. Consider your audience and the type of message subscription service you can create. For example, if you are a personal coach, you might send motivational or inspirational quotes to your subscribers each morning.

Make your website mobile ready – The reason some websites look terrible on your smartphone and others look excellent is because of the technology being used. You can make a few small changes and have a mobile-ready website or blog. Once it’s ready to go, promote it and ask people to view your site on their mobile device and share their experience.

Blog – You can record video posts from your mobile device and instantly post on your blog and/or YouTube. You can also write blog posts using a blogging application for your smartphone.

Games and downloads – Consider offering mobile technology to your prospects. You can create an application or a game that they can download for free. Ringtones are one type of download. However, you can also offer documents and videos.

In addition to the many ways you can reach your audience through mobile devices and smartphones, there are ways you can monetize the experience, too; for example, by using AdSense for Mobile. As the technology continues to grow and improve, there is no doubt that more opportunities to market via mobile devices will continue as well.