Resist Trump Legally Ideas

Resist Trump Legally Ideas

Updates Sept 3, 2017

Sept 3, 2017-Sad to say this is in the news again. Sign the Petition: Say NO to war with North Korea! Donald Trump has been pulling this tiger by the tail, only to find that the cage is unlocked. Any war affects countless living beings. A nuclear war will affect the entire planet. Sign and share the petition, to make your voice heard on this life and death topic. China managed to calm the situation for a short time, but tRump’s bullying has stirred things up all over again.

In his continuing pursuit of immigrants, tRump is now on the attack against DACA. Text RESIST to 50409 and tell your congresspeople to support these protections.

As for hatred of immigrants, H Clinton’s plan was to grant amnesty for a certain period in order to allow undocumented immigrants to:
1-Become documented
2-Get social security numbers
3-Start paying taxes
The tax revenue each year would bring in billions, probably more in 1 year that in would cost to build his revolting wall.
The GOP attitude makes it seem as if immigrants are of ZERO value to the US. Meanwhile, crops rot in fields because the immigrant labor is no longer there to pick the food.

The Border Wall
Text RESIST to 50409 to say NO to the border wall.

In addition, censure tRump for lying. He claimed Mexico would pay for the wall. Yet he is now threatening a US government shutdown unless he is given a budget to build the wall. He halso wants to divert funds intended for Hurricane Harey victims to the wall fund. Text Resist to 50409 to tell your congresspeople you say NO!

Tax Reform
Say NO to tRump’s tax reforms. History has shown there is no such thing as trickle down economics. The tax cuts for the rich do not create jobs. The 98% of the poor in the US should not be subsidizing wealthy companies when they are so desperately badly off. Hurricane Harvey will cost #100 billion in damage. We can’t afford to give away billions for the wall or tax cuts.

Stop the BULL
1-President BUSH was in charge when Hurricane Katrina hit. President Obama was in charge with Hurricane Sandyhit. tRump mocked him at the time for ‘standing in a puddle looking presidential’ but it was more than he ever did on his first visit to TX. He saw no flooding first-hand, nor any victims. Pence and tRump then tried to pretend they were more caring, but you don’t get do overs in this situation.

2-Alex Jones of Info wars insists that Black Lives Matter was smuggling weapons during Hurricane Katrina. Katrina happened in August 2005. BLM was founded July 2013.

3-Claims BLM are trying to stop aid to Harvey victims is also false, using a photo from Boston in 2015 as the supposed blockade. Do not be fooled and call people out on all 3 of these lies whenever possible.

Continueto protest, volunteer, text, tweet, and more. We have a lot to do from now until 2018. Let’s make every day count by doing a couple of things on this list every day!

August 20, 2017-It has been quite a week in politics. From the feeble statement tRump made last Saturday to his vicious defense of racism on Tuesday, made worse by his phony performance on Monday, it is clear this is a ‘president’ who does not represent all Americans. We have to make it clear through PEACEFUL means that he is unacceptable as a leader and racists, Neo-Nazis and KKKers have no place in a safe, democratic and free society, because they spread hatred and cause harm.

Text RESIST to 50409 to connect with your congresspeople. Here are some topics:
1-censure trump for his recent racist remarks
2-advocate stronger penalties for hate crimes
3-designate those who perpetrate these hate crimes as domestic extreme radical terrorists
4-Say no to pardoning Joe Arapaio, a notorious racist profiler who treated the men in his care inhumanely and whom trump plans to pardon as a sop to his Nazi followers. Steps are being taken to overturn tRump’s pardon but our voices need to be heard.
5-support the removal of all Confederate symbols, statues and monuments. They can go in a museum or be sold to private collectors, or broken down into their components to be used for other things, or put on battlefields, but they should NOT be in public parks where they can cause intimidation.
6-Enact laws making it a fineable offence to display the Confederate battle flag (the square one) or the navyjack (the rectangular one) in any public place. It is a symbol of racism, and above all, treason against the United States
7-help protect the vote-see note below. NO MORE “Jim Crow” laws and gerrymandering, that is, re-drawing voting district borders in order to get as many Republicans into one area and Democrats into another so there are fewer ‘blue’ or Democratic areas.
8-Hate speech IS not protected under the freedom of speech amendment, so the n-word, slurs on gay people, such as f-gg-t, or inflammatory words such as “Jews will not replace us,” are illegal and should be reported. If you see incidents of this, film them if you can. Hate crime in the US has risen 20% since trump came to power, but it has NO place in a decent American society.

August 10, 2017-No more Jim Crow! Steps are being taken to remove people from voter rolls in OH, WI, GA and more. The reasons don’t matter. Taking action to keep your right to vote in a democracy does! Check to see you are registered.

They also need poll workers and poll watchers. Find out if you are eligible here: each state is different.

August 11 and 12: Text RESIST to 50409 to let your Congresspeople know exactly how much you deplore the events which took place this weekend in Charlottesville, Va.

August 20, 2017-Legislation coming up to text about:
1-Healthcare-trump is like a dog with a bone on this one, so we need to keep up the pressure to make ACA work, and to even improve it
2-Tax reform-trump will try to go back to the days of Reganomics, which plunged our country into a 2 year recession and left the poorest in our society 36% worse off. Say no to huge tax cuts for the rich
3-the budget-the budget needs to be balanced and trump needs to address the issues of
a-fiscal responsibility and
b-paying down the huge national debt. The National Debt clock shows you where we are: National Debt Clock the numbers are so huge, I can’t get past trillions of trillions.
And in case they blame ‘tax and spend Democrats’, look where we were after Bill Clinton

versus Dubya:

4-Cost of living increases for those on benefits. They have been tightening their belts for years.
5-Medicare, medicaid, social security=WE pay for these when we work. They are not charity from the government. If you have not received a recent statement from the social security administration, ask for one to see exactly how much you have paid in and what you are entitled to.
6-A millionnaire’s tax on the wealthiest, to help pay down the debt-they can afford it. NO loopholes. Why should we pay more than tRump? If they are patriots, they should be happy to pay their fair share.

PLEASE take these and the actions below. Feel free to SHARE this page.
We can’t change things without speaking up and taking action and holding our Congress and POTUS accountable as the public servants they are.
These are just the ones I am doing personally and will update this page regularly with more things to do.

1-Contact your reps regularly about the issues that concern you most:

2-Contact the GOP about issues that concern you most. Keep things polite and sane.

3-Contact Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell about important issues like health care

4-Sign and pass along useful petitions. Two good places:

5-Support the ACLU in whatever way you can afford to, even if it is only to take action on their current campaigns, making a call etc. – Lots to do!!!

6-Volunteer with the Democratic party, phone banks, polling assistance and

7-Sign up to be a poll worker.

8-And encourage younger people to get involved:

9-Take part in Resistance Summer Events going on now.

10-Text “resist” to 50409 and follow the prompts. Resistbot will format your comments into a formal letter and upon your approval fax it to your Senator’s free of charge

11-Use the resistbot- text letter2editor to 50409 and they will try to get your letter placed with reputable news outlets.

12-Protest TrumpDoesntCare

13-Write on the Boy Scouts of America page on Facebook regarding the disgusting speech they were subjected to.

14-Support Democratic women in the Senate in 2018, and other actions you can take to make your voice heard. Click on the ACTION tab to sign petitions etc.

15-Keep protesting changes in healthcare. FRONT.MOVEON.ORG

16-Help ActBlue with their monthly fundraising. Every little helps. SECURE.ACTBLUE.COM

17-Subscribe to daily kos, and others so you will get an email with the latest petitions to sign, with just a click. I am getting about 3 a day.

18-Anyone affected on the borders needs to protest now about the laws being flouted.

19-Aug 2,2017-Given that the whole Seth Rich story is a fake, according to Spicer, generated by the WH, and their are lawsuits against Faux news and possibly even the WH, write to Faux to demand the firing of Hannity. Here is the url to contact Fox news.

20-Another healthcare vote might be looming, so keep up the pressure!

21-Check Trump’s twitter feed each day and report any tweets that attack or abuse others. Look for the little arrow on the top right and toggle REport,then follow the prompts. You can report up to 5 at a time.
Aug 4, 2017 – The announcement about the grand jury is great, but let’s not get distracted from the wider issue of the GOP pushing its agenda regardless of who is POTUS. Keep sharing and signing petitions, planning and attending marches, contacting your congressmembers.

August 13, 2017-Tired of the lies being churned out by Faux News and tweeted as gospel by Agent Orange? Complain! “the FCC may issue penalties for knowingly broadcasting false information.” Their full info is here:
and the complaint form for TV programs is here:

It will mean having to watch snippets of their crap, but basically, whatever tRump posts is fake news, so fill out the form. We can make them rack up so many penalties, they will bleed green.

Protest against Faux News #2. Hannity has conspired with the WH to run fake news stories for tRump, most particularly the completely fake story of the death of Seth Rich that Hannity filled his show with while the true story of Russian collusion with respect to the tRump camp and the election was completely ignored. Hannity stopped when Rich’s family showed their intent to sue, but Spicer’s recent confirmation that they colluded with Hannity on the story, and Hannity’s recent cozy WH dinner with Scarmucci raises even more alarm bells. Here is a list of the advertisers for the Hannity show.
Contact them to complain about them supporting a show that has repeatedly violated FCC guidelines. and that they should withdraw their support for any ‘journalist’ who has repeatedly violated journalistic ethics in such a way. And that you will boycott their products until such time as they issue a formal statement in the news as to why they are withdrawing their ads from Fox. Even if we just do a couple on the list every day, we can all be heard.

August 20, 2017-Now that Steve Bannon is back at Breitbart, and Trump actually called top newscasters to Trump Tower to berate at attack them, real news and protection of journalists is more important than ever.

August 21, 2017-Take time to study the issues and access the free resources available at Great training call last night about what is white nationalism and how to deal with it.

Resistance summer isn’t over yet!

Resist Trump Legally Ideas
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Resist Trump Legally Ideas
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