Secrets of successful local marketing ecourse

Secrets of successful local marketing ecourse

Our talented authors here at Eternal Spiral Books have just put together a great new ecourse on how to get started as a local marketer, helping businesses raise their profile so they can get more customers.

There is already so much to do when you are a small business owner, without having to worry about all of the latest online marketing techniques to try to get your business noticed and nose ahead of the competition in your neighborhood. Most small business owners do not have a degree in marketing but do understand that they need to promote their business, or watch it shrivel up and die.

YOU can help them. If you have any experience of online marketing, you can put it to good use for local clients eager to get more customers in the door. Learn how to set up your local marketing business, find clients, and get paid, not just once, but month after month as you help them marketing their business effectively uslng tried and tested techniques.

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity, register for your free ecourse today:

And if you are a bricks and mortar business owner who has been struggling with the issue of marketing your business online effectively, we are sure you will benefit from this free ecourse too. And just think, if you really like what you learn, you can use your new skill to help other businesses and get paid for it. We bet there are plenty of other businesses in your area that are not your direct competitors who would just love this kind of insider information.

Here is wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year, and here’s to greater success in 2014.