How to Carve Your First Pumpkin Part 2

Let the Fun Begin   It’s time to clean out your pumpkin. Using your hands, scoop out the seeds and put them in the garbage bag, unless you want to put them in a bowl […]

Summertime Fruit with Creamy Honey Dressing

A great way to enjoy your fruit.   3 bananas, sliced 3 oranges, peeled and sectioned 1 C strawberries, halved 1 C seedless green grapes, halved 1/2 C low fat sour cream 1 T honey […]

Easy Nectarine Salad

A great lunchtime salad for a warm day, colorful and refreshing.   2 (5 oz.) pkgs. mixed salad greens 2 C fresh nectarines, sliced 1 (13 1/4 oz.) can sliced beets, drained 1/2 C balsamic […]

Melon Shake Up

What You Need: 1/2 medium cantaloupe, very ripe 1/4 C milk Sugar to taste How to Make It: Scoop out the melon from the rind. Place it into a bowl and place the bowl in […]

Hippity Hop Salad

A fun treat for Easter. What You Need: 6 C fresh sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed 1 C mayonnaise 1/2 C brown sugar, firmly packed 1 C pecans, toasted and chopped 1/2 C raisins How […]

Perfect Angel Biscuits

What You Need: 4 T unsalted butter, at room temperature and cut into pieces 1 large egg, lightly beaten 2 C hot roll mix 3 t yeast (if a packet comes in the hot roll […]

Mustard Herb Roasted Lamb

Lamb at Easter is popular in many cultures all over the world. Here is a new take on an old favorite. What You Need: 1 (5 lb.) rack of lamb, trimmed 1 t salt 1 […]

Easter Drinks For Young And Old Part 1

There are as many drinks to be made as there are Easter foods but finding an themed beverage for your Easter dinner just got easier. We’ve gathered a few of the most popular, with and […]

Decorating the Perfect Easter Egg Part 1

The perfectly decorated Easter egg begins with the egg. Two of the most popular ways to decorate eggs begins with either a boiled egg or a blown (or hollowed egg). Boiled Eggs To avoid rubbery […]

Lemon and Lime Salad Supreme

An unusual kind of salad, but perfect for those who like something with a bit of bite. What You Need: 1/2 C honey 1/4 C frozen limeade concentrate, thawed 2 t poppy seeds 2 limes, […]

Creamed Grapes with Sweet Pecans

What You Need: 1 (8 oz.) pkg. low fat cream cheese, room temperature 1 C low fat sour cream 1/3 C sugar 2 t vanilla extract 2 lbs. seedless green grapes 2 lbs. seedless red […]

Roasted Walnut Pear Salad

What You Need: 4 pears 1/2 C honey 6 C salad greens 3 T extra virgin olive oil 1 C toasted walnuts, chopped coarse 1 (8 oz.) pkg. Italian cheese, shredded How to Make It: […]

Frozen Banana Berry Salad

What You Need: 1 (20 oz.) can pineapple tidbits with juice 5 bananas, sliced 1/2 C sugar 1 (16 oz.) can whole cranberry sauce 1/3 C pecans, chopped 1 (8 oz.) container whipped topping, thawed […]

Apricot Cranberry and Wheat Berry Salad

3 C water 1/4 t salt, divided 1 C wheat berries, rinsed and drained 1 (15 oz.) can chickpeas, rinsed and drained 1 C fresh snow peas, slivered 1/4 C green onions, chopped 1/2 C […]

Cranberry Orange Arugula

Arugula is a leaf vegetable that closely resembles lettuce.  It has a rich peppery taste, and is mostly used in salad.    Arugula can be cooked and used with pasta or meats in many dishes.  […]