Green Business Guidelines: How to Green Your Business to Make it More Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

If you are concerned about saving money, and about the planet we live on, now might be the best time to start looking at ways to make your company more green.

Investment and Financing Strategies: Angel Investors – Basics for Beginners

Due to the unprecedented collapse of financial institutions in the autumn of 2008, investors and those seeking funding are eagerly turning to ‘angel’ investing as an important and viable option. The author gives readers the inside scoop on the perils and profits for both angel investors and angel borrowers alike.

Business Budgeting for Beginners

Learn how to get started with an effective business budget.

Top Tips on Outsourcing For Your Small Business

Top Tips on Outsourcing For Your Small Business

Having the Skills to Run Your Own Business

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Here are some of the most important attributes entrepreneurs need to possess in order to succeed: Ability to Listen to Advice, While Making Their Own Decisions Entrepreneurs need to be […]

How to Expand Your Editing Business

You have chosen your niche for your business. You are doing well, but you can do better. In your business plan, you may have identified ways to expand when the time arose. Here are some […]

Shoestring Budget Home Business Ideas

It seems almost everyone today is talking about the need for either a new job or a supplement to the income. There are many ways to earn a few extra dollars for little or no […]