Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies Here is an easy and tasty recipe from the kitchen of Carolyn Stone. Enjoy! 2 cookie sheets vegetable oil or cooking spray or cooking parchment 2 1/4 cups all purpose flour […]

Oh So Gooey Smores

What You Need:   8 graham crackers 3/4 C of milk chocolate chips 1 1/2 C of mini marshmallows   How to Make It:   Preset the oven to broil and allow the broiler to […]

Easy Additions for Perfect Halloween Meals Part 2

Graveyard Snack – Take a cup of plain or buttered popped popcorn; add a half cup each of mini pretzels, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, goldfish crackers and raisins. Spider Snack – Taking two round crackers, […]

Eerie Eyed Mint Cocoa

What You Need:   8 C of milk, divided 1 C mint chocolate chips 1 C instant hot cocoa mix 16 large marshmallows 16 Crows candies 16 lollipop sticks   How to Make It:   […]

Chocolate Tofu Pop Up

What You Need: 1 C chocolate chips 1 lb tofu, firm and water packed 1/2 C cocoa 3/4 C honey 3 T Grand mariner 1 t vanilla 1/2 C soy milk 1/2 C unbleached white […]

Lunchables You Can Make at Home 4

Nuts are another good choice in small quantities, as are chocolate chips. You can even throw them together with some dried cherries or cranberries for a tasty treat. A cup of flavored yogurt or plain […]

Cookies You CAN Eat 3

Fiber is a nutrient that helps us to stay regular. Certain fibers latch on to fats in the digestive system and flush them right out of the body. The more fiber you eat, the more […]

Snacks – The Best Kinds and How Often To Eat Them Part 2

Think of the examples listedabove, and the number of calories you are adding to your diet. Remember, it takes only 2000 to gain a pound, but 3500 to lose one. But fodd if the fuel […]