Getting Ready for Christmas Entertaining

Discover a range of guides for inspiration on how to create a great celebration this Christmas that can cater for many tastes and eating lifestyles.

Low Carb Christmas Recipes Made Easy

Discover simple but delicious low carb Christmas recipes to keep you on track with your diet that are also sure to impress your guests.

Low Calorie Christmas Recipes Made Easy

Discover delicious holiday recipes that are low in calories but tasty enough to impress any guest.

Easy Christmas Recipes

Discover 25 easy but impressive Christmas recipes your whole family and all of your guests will love when you host your Christmas dinner.

Fast and Fun Christmas Recipes

fast and fun christmas recipes - Eternal Spiral Books

Discover fast and fun Christmas recipes easy enough even for beginners to cook well so they can impress their family and guests at their Christmas dinner or Christmas party.

How to Plan and Prepare a Loving Christmas at Home

How to Plan and Prepare a Loving Christmas at Home - Eternal Spiral Books

Discover 25 quick and easy recipes, plus planning, preparation and decorating hints and tips to make sure you have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.

How to Plan and Prepare a Stress-Free Christmas At Home

How to Plan and Prepare a Stress-Free Christmas At Home - Eternal Spiral Books

Discover how to make your Christmas celebrations as stress-free as possible with a range of recipes, activities, decorating ideas and more.

Catering Christmas Dinner Part 2

When dealing with a caterer for Christmas dinner, contact them well in advance of the occasion. Caterers book up fast with private parties and corporate affairs. Discuss a budget with them. While you want the […]

Catering Christmas Dinner Part 1

Preparing Christmas dinner for a group of people can be time consuming. With everything that goes into the Christmas season, adding dinner to the list can be daunting. This year, consider having your Christmas dinner […]

Host a Christmas Brunch Part 1

You have spent a good portion of Christmas Eve getting food ready for Christmas dinner the next day. Treat all of the diligent cooks (and the rest of the family) to a brunch on Christmas […]

Essentials You Need for the Perfect Christmas Dinner Part 1

What are the two things you run out for at the last minute when preparing Christmas dinner? Seasonings and utensils. This article addresses the essentials you need to be sure you have on hand when […]

Christmas Theme Dinners Part 1

Who says that Christmas dinner has to be the same each year? Sure the family gets together and great time but it can always be better. This year, think about ideas for a holiday them […]

Christmas Dinner Leftovers Part 1

One of the best parts of Christmas dinner is the leftovers. The food always seen to taste better the second or third time you eat it. Here are uses and guidelines for handling Christmas dinner […]

Healthy Christmas Dinner Suggestions Part 2

When making gravy for the turkey, begin with a can or jar of fat free turkey gravy. Add the turkey drippings from the baking pan to the fat free gravy. Season the food to taste. […]

Healthy Christmas Dinner Suggestions Part 1

The hardest time to stick to a diet is around the holidays. Everyone wants to sample the desserts and filling foods on the dinner table. This Christmas, choose healthier menu items for your Christmas dinner. […]