Day Trips Deck

Learn about delightful day trips right in your own neighborhood, so you can make the most of your time off at the weekends, or your summer staycation.

Protect Your Pets in Summer Deck

Learn how to keep your pets safe in the summer heat. Heat can kill both humans and pets if you don’t know what to look out for. Fleas and ticks can also harm people, not just animals. Beware, and be safe.

Shigella Deck

Discover the best ways to stay safe from the foodborne illness Shigella, which is on the rise and becoming resistant to antibiotics.

Buy and Maintain a Swimming Pool Presentation

Learn what you need to know before purchasing an in-ground and/or above-ground swimming pool, and how to maintain your pool once you buy it.

Outdoor Fitness Fun Deck

Learn how to stay fit outdoors in spring and summer. Discover a range of exercises and activities everyone in the family will love.

How to Beat the Summer Heat Presentation

Learn some of the main summer safety concerns to watch out for as you and your family head to the pool, the backyard to barbecue, and more during the hot weather.

Feeling Creatively Blocked? Try Inspiration Walks

Discover how inspiration walks can get your creative juices unblocked and flowing freely again.

Are you looking your best these days, Mom?

Being a mom can be tough work, with little time to pamper ourselves. Are you looking your best these days, Mom? Spring and summer pose special challenges for our skin, so today’s free gift to […]

1 Week to Mother’s Day in the USA

Mother’s Day in the USA is on Sunday, May 10 this year. In honor of the occasion, and moms everywhere, we will be offering a range of free titles this week to help you plan a special celebration, and to make life easier for all the awesome moms out there. Whether you havechildren, stepchildren, or even ones with paws, women do a lot in our society that often goes unnoticed and unrewarded. And if you are struggling to think of something different from the ‘same old’ things you give your mom each year, hopefully these free guides will inspire you to create a celebration to remember. With that in mind, our first free title is: Mother’s Day Gifts, Activities, and Recipes: Easy Ways to Please Mom and Show You Care Here’s to your best Mother’s Day yet! And feel free to share this information with anyone you think might benefit from it-just click on the share buttons.

Are Banner Ads for traffic generation really dead?

Banner ads are dead, right? Wrong! In fact, banner ads are often where the “big players” graduate to once they have tested an ad to the limit and want to get even more conversions.  In this […]

Giving and Getting Reviews to Grow Your Business, Part 2

In the first part of this series, we discussed the elements that go into creating a good review, Name of the item The author or creator of the item, if known Details on where to […]

How to get more targeted traffic to your site or blog

Success online is in part about getting more traffic, but you do not just want any old site visitor. You want an eager one interested in your niche who will take action at your site, […]