How to Become a Business Consultant Working from Home

Becoming a successful business consultant involves first executing strategies to acquire initial clients, then using those clients to get referrals and even more clients. The first few months are the most difficult, but once you […]

Finding Work as a Transcriptionist

Finding steady income as a transcriptionist can be tricky for the first few months in determining where to find clients and ensuring that you have enough work to fill all the hours you want to […]

Dressing the Part…

Most of us were taught not to judge a book by its cover because its what’s on the inside that counts.  But at the same time, if you took your child to a daycare center […]

Getting to Know Twitter 4

Getting to Know Twitter 4 Pros and Cons of Twitter For many, whether they are looking for friends, clients, or someone to help them out with a problem or workload, getting in touch with others […]