Are Banner Ads for traffic generation really dead?

Banner ads are dead, right? Wrong! In fact, banner ads are often where the “big players” graduate to once they have tested an ad to the limit and want to get even more conversions.  In this […]

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your ROI

As a business owner looking to earn more income, one of the easiest ways to do this to increase your ROI, your Return On Investment. To put it simply, the more you can earn in […]

How to Convey Empathy to Your Customers in Your Marketing Messages

Have you ever seen a video, read a sales letter or seen a public speaker and thought to yourself: “That guy understands my problems?” Conversely, have you ever seen a video, person or website and […]

Strategies to Increasing Conversion Rates

Getting high conversion rates is often an incremental process. You start with a sales letter that converts at just 0.2 percent; then through incremental adjustments, experimentation and testing you gradually inch that up to 1- […]

Building a Successful Customer Loyalty Strategy

Building a long-lasting profitable business means building customer loyalty that lasts. How do you get your customers to come back time and again? How do you get them to tell your friends about you? How […]

Creating Relevant Marketing Messages 11

Once you have started your email campaign, track their actions. Ask the question: * What are my subscribers doing? * What so those actions mean? We can look at several actions when deciding what a […]

PPC: Pay Per Click, and how to market on the search engines 8

Final words on PPC PPC is one of the fastest ways to drive qualified traffic to your site for pennies compared to what you would be using other advertising. Just make sure you understand that […]