Canning for the Winter Part 2

Quantity Make sure you have enough of each item to be canned. This way you can make it through the winter. A little prior planning can go a long way and can really make the […]

Making Leftovers Count Part 1

Leftovers are the best things on the plant. Some might agree and others might want to gag, but leftovers are not just a doom sentence to devour the same food you had for the last […]

Lemons: Part 2

There is no such thing as having too many lemons. In the kitchen, lemons have additional uses. Take half a lemon and sprinkle the juice on a piece of baked fish to mask the odor […]

Alternative Christmas Dinners Part 2

Seafood works well as an alternate Christmas dinner dish. A pot of clam or seafood chowder (New England style) will warm the cockles during the holiday meal. After a hearty bowl of that, no one […]

Soulful Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas Part 2

Try a new twist on the traditional turkey dinner. Barbeque or fry the turkey for Christmas dinner. Fryers don’t cost much but it does take a fair amount of peanut oil to fill up the […]