Diet and Your Cholesterol Levels-Take Control of Your Cholesterol

Diet is not the only part of the cholesterol equation, but it is the one that you have control over. Cholesterol is found in animal sources, such as meat, high fat dairy, eggs, shellfish, organ meats, and so on. Fruits and vegetables, beans, legume and tofu, do not contain any cholesterol because they are not

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Fats and Your Heart 4 Trans fats and your heart Trans fats are more harmful to your health than saturated fats because they not only raise LDL cholesterol but also lower HDL cholesterol levels. Fat is a concentrated source of calories—it has nine calories per gram, compared with four calories per gram for proteins and

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Fats and Your Heart 1 Saturated fats and your heart Diets high in saturated fats increase levels of LDL cholesterol, while diets low in saturated fats reduce LDL levels. On average, every 1% reduction in calories from saturated fats reduces total blood cholesterol levels by about 2 mg/dL—mostly from a decrease in LDL cholesterol. Saturated

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Macronutrients in our diet: Dietary Fats and Coronary Heart Disease The cells in your body use fat as an energy source and need cholesterol as a component of their membranes. Because fat is not soluble in the watery environment of the bloodstream, the liver wraps the fats and cholesterol in a layer of proteins to

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