The Paleo Diet 101

By now most people have heard of the Paleo diet, but aren’t sure how to start, what to buy, or whether they have to spend hours in the kitchen. This course, created by 2 noted […]

10 Strategies for Successful Weight Loss Part 9

Weight-Loss Strategy #9. Recognize and celebrate your accomplishments. Over your lifetime you have probably been successful in tackling many difficult tasks—quitting smoking, learning a new skill, graduating from college, getting a promotion, and so on. […]

10 Strategies for Successful Weight Loss Part 8

Weight-Loss Strategy #8. Evaluate your personal relationship to food. Behavioral and emotional cues frequently trigger an inappropriate desire to eat. The most common cues are habit, stress, boredom, sadness, anxiety, loneliness, and the use of […]

10 Strategies for Successful Weight Loss Part 7

Weight-Loss Strategy #7. Record your progress with your healthy eating and exercise. Start a food diary and exercise log to keep track of  all your daily  accomplishments. Keeping such detailed diaries may seem cumbersome, but […]

10 Strategies for Successful Weight Loss Part 6

Weight-Loss Strategy #6. Plan for exercise, and incorporate physical activity as much as possible into your daily life. Choose activities that are convenient and enjoyable for you to do on a regular basis, and then […]

10 Strategies for Successful Weight Loss Part 5

Weight-Loss Strategy #5. Eat three meals a day, plus snacks. Skipping meals is counterproductive when you are trying to lose weight. So is severely reducing food intake, since such strict changes are impossible to maintain […]

10 Strategies for Successful Weight Loss Part 4

Weight-Loss Strategy #4. Eat slowly in order to enjoy the meal and help yourself feel full. Many people consume more calories than needed to satisfy their hunger because they eat too quickly. Since it takes […]

10 Strategies for Successful Weight Loss Part 3

Weight-Loss Strategy #3. Make changes gradually. Trying to make too many changes too quickly can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Instead, ease into exercise; do not overdo it. Even worse, don’t overdo it, injure […]

10 Strategies for Successful Weight Loss Part 2

Weight-Loss Strategy #2. Seek support from family and friends. People who receive social support are more successful in changing their behaviors. Ask family and friends for help, whether this means keeping high-fat foods out of […]

10 strategies for successful weight loss 1

An ability to alter lifelong attitudes toward diet and exercise may ultimately be the key to successful weight management: You must be motivated enough to change habits not for a few weeks or months, but […]

Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Losing Weight Part 1

Are you a woman struggling with your weight?  If you are, you’re definitely not alone. Today, many women are faced with a great number of critical health issues, including weight.  If you are unhappy with […]