The Paleo Diet 101

By now most people have heard of the Paleo diet, but aren’t sure how to start, what to buy, or whether they have to spend hours in the kitchen. This course, created by 2 noted […]

Atkins Diet Foods 2

You owe it to your dieting success to stay within the acceptable foods list. One of the best ways to do this is to follow the Atkins menu plans that are printed within the New […]

Food for Life 6

Macronutrients in our diet: Macronutrients are the big ones, the large food we can see go into our mouths. Micronutrients, which we will talk about later in this series, are the vitamins and minerals contained […]

Atkins and Appetite Suppression Part 4

Atkins versus other diets With high carbohydrate diets, you are riding the wave of carbohydrate highs. After you eat, you feel great and full. Then a few hours later, you come crashing down and are […]

Are low carb diets dangerous?

Here is an interesting article on the science behind how low card diets help you lose weight, and the effect of low-carb diets on your body in both the short and long-term.