Daring to Dream 101

Daring to Dream 101 Balancing Risk with Reward We all want to live our best life, but sometimes, life actually gets in the way. We become comfortable with the way things are, so comfortable that […]

New Year, New You: How to Transform Your Personal and Professional Life This Year

Discover how to transform your personal and professional life quickly and easily by taking stock of where you are right now, and where you want to go in life within the next year.

Emotional Intelligence Deck

You may have a really high IQ, but how’s your EQ? EQ, Emotional Quotient, also referred to as Emotional Intelligence, is shared by more than 80% of the top performers, and lacking in 80% of those rated the lowest performers at work. If you feel like you just don’t get people sometimes, consider working on your Emotional Intelligence and see what a different it can make to your professional and personal life.

Change Your World Deck

Tired of feeling like you’re out of step with everyone else in the world and that if only THEY would change, YOU would be happy? Happiness comes from within. It’s a state of mind. Change yourself, change your world! Learn more in this quick presentation.