Giving and Getting Reviews to Grow Your Business, Part 1

Reviews are one way to create content in your niche without spending a lot of time. They can also be a great way to position yourself as an expert in your niche. And no, we […]

Great Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

by Evelyn Trimborn and Jacinta Carey This guide is designed to help offer suggestions for gift ideas on Valentine’s Day for your romantic partner, to help show that you know what they like and how […]

Historical Fiction

Our colleagues at HerStory Books publish gripping historical fiction and historical romance for the discerning reader. They specialize in novels set in Ireland and England, where many of their talented authors live and work. To […]

Romance Novels

Our colleagues at HerStory Books publish high-quality romance from sweet to very sensual. Click on the links for: Contemporary Romances Historical Romances Paranormal Romances Regency Romances

Great free romance novel site

I recently stumbled across HerStory Books, a cool site with lots of free romance novels in serial format and as downloads. If you love to read romance novels and are looking for great ebooks to […]

How to be Romantic Even on a Budget

All of us are pressed for time in modern society. There never seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything we want, and for many, cash is often tight as well as […]

Valentine’s Day Food Choices that Rekindle the Flame Part 1

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, love is in the air. If you want love to be in the bedroom, choose dinner fare that will lead in that direction. Certain foods are known aphrodisiacs and can […]