How to get more targeted traffic to your site or blog

Success online is in part about getting more traffic, but you do not just want any old site visitor. You want an eager one interested in your niche who will take action at your site, […]

Jump-Start Your Website Sales in Easy Steps

If you are starting a new venture and need sales quickly, then use one of the following techniques to give your business a jump-start: Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising PPC advertising is perhaps the most […]

How to Build and Maintain a Profitable Opt-In List Part 1

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “The money is in the list.” This phrase has gained in popularity as more business owners realize the value of an opt-in list. Your website subscribers are people who […]


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, a variety of strategies used to marketing your website with a view to getting more traffic to it. Strategies include PPC (Pay Per Click), CPA networks (Cost Per Acquisition) banner ads and other forms or advertising. PPC is very common for both large and small companies, and is a rapid way of getting targeted traffic to your site. Banner ads are very common, but the campaigns are not very targeted and can be very expensive.